A memorial being carved

Why choose a memorial?

People have been commemorating their loved ones with some form of memorial stone for
thousands of years.

Early headstone history dates back to antiquity in Roman and Celtic cultures. Celtic headstone history is one of simplicity. On their gravesites, they merely had a cairn (a pile of rocks) and a monolith (a massive rock). Roman headstones however often retold stories of the heroic battles fought by the deceased. In early Scotland, pictured headstone history is equally descriptive, often revealing the profession of the deceased. For example, if they were a craftsman, the stone might have an image of a hammer and wrench. Through the Middle Ages the West became increasingly Christianised. This meant headstone history and the history of the churches became increasingly intertwined.

Some people today have actually been able to use headstone history to trace their ancestors from a millennium ago. As well as a mark of time a memorial is an opportunity to add an epitaph, a short sentence or two that sum up how you and your family want the deceased to be remembered. Sometimes the deceased may even have written their own epitaph such as:

‘I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.’ – Winston Churchill


‘That’s all folks.’ – Mel Blanc

If you feel this is a way you would like to commemorate the life and history of your loved one then perhaps a memorial is something you’d like to consider.

Our Memorials

William Purves are able to supply a wide variety of the highest quality, craftsman made memorials, of any colour, size or finish. We can even arrange for a memorial to be designed to your own personal requirements.

We also carry out additional inscriptions and renovations on existing memorials.

No memorial work is undertaken until we have provided you with a full written estimate and you are happy with it.

Sample materials and computer generated design drawings of your preferred design will also be provided.

Insurance cover for memorials can be arranged too. Ask us for details.

The first step is to make an appointment either at our offices, your home or even the cemetery memorial site, to discuss your requirements.

Oakvale Funeral Home's ashes library also provides a calm and respectful environment for your loved one's cremated remains.

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