January 2017

We bid farewell to Gillian MacAdam and Scott Halliday this month, Gillan has worked with us for around a decade both at Oakvale and more latterly at Morningside, Scott has been with the company twice over many years, we wish them both well in the future.

November 2016

We welcome Ian McKernan to the team as a Funeral Operative.

October 2016

We are pleased to announce Carol Young has joined our office team here at William Purves.

September 2016

Recently we have seen a few longer members of staff leave us, Anna Pagan and Fiona McIntosh, both leave us from Office Staff and Steven Hutchison leaves from being a Funeral Operative. We are pleased to welcome Emma Pratt to the team.

August 2016

This month we say farewell to Denise McIntyre, Denise has been a friendly voice on the phone for the past few years, but we wish her well as she moves to study nursing. We also welcome 3 new faces this month, Ann Shearer to the Office Staff, and Peter Liddel and Daniel Carr, both as Funeral Operatives.

July 2016

We are delighted to say congratulations to Mark Sutherland and his wife, Jen on the arrival of their second child Poppy this month, we also say goodbye to Gavin Bell as he moves on, but welcome Shaun Donaldson to the team

 January 2016

We see Connor Lawson leave this month, but are pleased to announce two appointments. Jamie Reece joins us as a new Funeral Director, and Tant Black as Funeral Operative.

November 2015

This month we are delighted that Jonny Scott, one of our Funeral Operatives for the last five years, will be changing his role and taking up a post with us as a Funeral Director. Also we welcome Mark Whitlie to our team as a Funeral Operative.

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September 2015

We are constantly looking at ways to give a better service to our clients, and as such we have developed a role we've called "Client Support Co-ordinator". This role will enable us to give even more time to families who may need it during the arranging stage and after the funeral, giving support and offering help with some practical tasks. We have appointed Sharon Hook (a great-great granddaughter of William Purves) to take on this role. Sharon has a heart for people and although she has spent the last 20 years with us as an administrator at Oakvale she is excited about being able to serve our clients in this new way.

We are also pleased that Joan Burnett has joined us to take on the role of mobile Office Administrator.

August 2015

This month sees Angie Sutherland leaving us after a couple of years as a mobile Office Administrator.

June 2015

We are happy to announce the opening of a new office in Currie,  the address is 348 Lanark Road West, Edinburgh, EH14 5RR.  The office opens on Monday June 22nd so feel free to drop in or give us a call on 0131 449 2340.  We also welcome Tracy McKenzie to our team to work in the Currie office.

Congratulations to Denise McIntyre and Andy Doran who have had their third child this month.

We also welcome Gavin Bell to join our team as a Funeral Operative as he starts with us this month.

April 2015

This month we welcome Gwyneth Duff to our team. Gwyneth will be based at Oakvale working as an Office Administrator.

March 2015

31 March 2015

Mortonhall Crematorium have announced today that they will not be holding any cremations until May 4th 2015. This is to allow them to fix the damaged part of the crematorium.

They will continue to hold memorial services but the cremation will not take place at Mortonhall, and will have to take place at a different crematorium.

Please call 0131 447 5858 if you want to discuss this further.


27 March 2015 2:30pm

Mortonhall Crematorium will be holding memorial services from next week in their chapels however the cremation will not take place at Mortonhall. We are still waiting to hear how long it will be before cremations will be taking place again at Mortonhall.

As ever - phone 0131 447 5858 for further information.


25 March 2015 6:30pm

Due to the fire and subsequent closure at Mortonhall Crematorium, the following funerals have been rescheduled:-

Mrs Isabella King's service - was on Friday 27th March at 12 noon at Mortonhall Crematorium Main Chapel - Now on Wednesday 1st April at Warriston Crematorium Lorimer Chapel at 3pm

Mr William Ross' service - was on Saturday 28th March at 11.30am at Mortonhall Crematorium Pentland Chapel - Now same day (Saturday) at the same time (11.30am) at Warriston Crematorium Cloister Chapel.

Mr Martin Bell's service - was on Saturday 28th March at 11am at Mortonhall Crematorium Main Chapel - Now same day (Saturday) at the same time (11am) at Warriston Crematorium Lorimer Chapel.

Mr Peter McKerchar's service - was on Saturday 28th March at 9.30am at Mortonhall Crematorium Pentland Chapel - Now same day (Saturday) at the same time (9.30am) at Warriston Crematorium Cloister Chapel.

Please keep checking for up to date details about funeral services...

Or on our facebook page at


25 March 2015 9:30am

If you have heard the news today then you will be aware that there has been a fire at Mortonhall Crematorium. The full impact of this is unknown at this stage and is being investigated.

Funerals that were due to take place today at Mortonhall are not able to take place there. We have rescheduled the following funeral services to new locations and times:-

12 noon Mortonhall Main Chapel Mrs Violet Baillie will now take place at Oakvale Funeral Home, 106 Whitehouse Loan, Edinburgh, EH9 1BD in our service room at 12.30pm (approx)

1pm Mortonhall Main Chapel Mr William Fraser will now take place at Craiglockhart Parish Church at 2pm

1.30pm Mortonhall Pentland Chapel Mr Sidney McKenzie will now take place at St Serf’s Parish Church at 2.30pm

We are hopeful that services tomorrow will not be affected but do not know for certain at this stage. As soon as we do know we will put information on this page. Or on our facebook page at

February 2015

We welcome Alison Whitton to our team to work as an Office Administrator in our Morningside branch.

September 2014

This month sees another addition to our team with Graeme Whitlie joining us as a Funeral Director.

July 2014

This month sees big changes at William Purves with the retirement of the Chairman and Managing Director John Purves. John joined the business to work along side his father in 1973 and took over the running of the business in 1975. In the forty years John was with the company it has grown considerably and now has many offices throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians as well as in the north of Scotland, the Borders and Northumberland. We wish John a very happy retirement.

As a result Tim Purves has taken over the role of Chairman and James Morris as Managing Director with Andrew Purves and Colin Brown joining the board of Directors.

Also this month Luke Wilson has left our team after a couple of years but we welcome Mark Sutherland to the company to join our support team.

June 2014

We welcome Andy Doran to the company as a Funeral Operative.

May 2014

Ian McLennan one of our Funeral Operatives has left the company this month after four years with us.

April 2014

This month has seen a major refurbishment of our Dalkeith office, we are delighted with the results of this modernisation. Our Dalkeith office offers facilities to meet with us to arrange or pre-plan a funeral, chapel of rest and a service room with up to 38 seats for funerals to held. Please don't hesitate to contact Pauline if you wish to find out more on 0131 663 1967 or or feel free to pop in.

Also we welcome Ben Thomson to the company as a Funeral Director, Ben is the sixth great, great grandchild of William Purves to work in the company.

Congratulations also to Martin Jeffrey who this month has become a father again.

March 2014

We are pleased that Keith Thomson and his wife have had their second child this month.

January 2014

Harry Pickles one of our Funeral Directors has left the company at the end of January. Harry worked with us for a few years working in a number of different roles.

December 2013

Congratulations to Luke Wilson and his wife on the birth of their third child this month.

October 2013

This month marks the 125th Anniversary of William Purves Funeral Directors being founded. We celebrated this achievement with a reception at Oakvale Funeral Home attended by many people who have worked with or been associated with the company over the years. If you would like to find out about the company's history you can click here.

We are delighted at present, for the first time in the company's history, to have an entire fleet of matching vehicles. To mark this we took the opportunity to have a photoshoot of the fleet taken at the beautiful location of Melville Castle. We hope to have some of these stunning photos on our website shortly.

Also in October another wedding, this time one of our Funeral Operatives, Jonny Scott has married Lois. Again we wish Lois and Jonny all the best.

September 2013

Congratulations to Sharon Brown one of our Office Administrators at Oakvale who this month married Gordon Hook. We wish Mr & Mrs Hook all the best for their future together.

July 2013

We are delighted that as of Thursday the 18th July our office in Penicuik has relocated to larger premises. The new office is just along the road at 42a John Street, Penicuik, EH26 8AB. The office can be contacted on 01968 674 251 or at

June 2013

After 13 years of working as the Office Administrator in our office in Dalkeith, Sandra Hilton has retired this month. Pauline Dickson has joined the company and will be the new Office Administrator in our Dalkeith office.

One of our support team, Conor Lawson, got married this month. Congratulations to Hannah and Conor, we wish you all the best in your future together.

March 2013

Denise McIntyre this month has joined our team of Office Administrators, Denise will be based at our head office Oakvale.

Also this month after almost 27 years working as a Funeral Director for the company Henry McIvor has retired. 

February 2013

This month has seen a few changes for a few of our staff members, Harry Pickles has taken up a position as a Funeral Director, Carole Harris has moved from our Morningside office to join our bookkeeping team and Gillian MacAdam has moved from Oakvale to our Morningside office. Also after two years with the company Hanna Przylucka has left her role as Bookkeeper's Assistant.

January 2013

This month we welcome Angie Sutherland to our team of Office Administrators, Angie will be travelling around our offices providing cover where required.

We also welcome back Conor Lawson to our Support Team.

December 2012

Congratulations to Andrew Purves and his wife on the birth of their third child this month.

November 2012

After 16 years with William Purves, Christine Anderson one of the company's longest serving staff members, has retired from her role as an Office Administrator.

Also we are pleased that this month both Steven Hutchison and Colin Brown have become fathers for the second time.

October 2012

We are excited that the William Purves Embalming Academy is now fully booked for 2013. For more details, or to book for 2014, visit our website

We also have another addition to our team with Luke Wilson joining us to work in our support team.

September 2012

Ross Corney, one of our Embalmers, has recently completed 70 hours of specialised embalming training at Fountain National Academy in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Martin Jeffrey has previously completed this course. With their years of embalming experience and skills further developed by courses such as these, Ross and Martin are now widely considered to be one of the UK’s top embalming teams.

August 2012

Congratulations to Harry Pickles, one of our support team, and his wife who this month have become parents.

July 2012

We are delighted to team up with Golden Charter Funeral Plans, the UK's largest independent funeral plan provider, who will be providing all our funeral plans. For more details please contact us  to request a brochure or arrange an appointment with our Funeral Planning Consultant, Ken McKinlay

June 2012

One of our longest serving staff members, Gordon McIvor, this month retires after over eighteen years working as a Funeral Operative with the company. Also rejoining us this month is a familiar face in Scott Halliday who takes up his previous role as a Funeral Operative.

May 2012

After three years with the company John Murray, one of our Funeral Operatives, has retired this month. We wish John well in his retirement.

April 2012

This month we welcome Steven Hutchison to our team of Funeral Operatives.

March 2012

Following the opening of our new branch offices over the past year and a slight internal re-shuffle our Funeral Directors responsible for our branch offices have changed slightly. The revised list is as follows;

Colin Brown will continue to look after our Dalkeith and Penicuik offices as will David Pudney at Morningside. Graeme Henderson will be responsible for our Goldenacre and Craigmillar branches, Roddy McEwan our Leith and Craigentinny offices and Keith Thomson at Chesser.

February 2012

We are pleased that one of our Funeral Directors, Keith Thomson, and his wife Laura have become parents this month.

January 2012

Again this month we have another addition to our team with Nick Renwick joining us to assist with the IT within the company.

December 2011

We welcome Emma Bertram to the company who has joined us in our new Peebles office. The office is on Peebles High Street, number 45, and the telephone number is 01721 721 888.

November 2011

Congratulations to Keith Thomson, one of our Funeral Directors, who has gained his Diploma in Funeral Directing this month.

October 2011

We are happy to announce the opening of a new office in Craigentinny,  the address is 98 Craigentinny Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6RN.  Feel free to drop in or give us a call on 0131 669 7779.  Elizabeth Mann who recently started work with us will be happy to help you.

September 2011

We welcome Harry Pickles, Paul Jackson and Elizabeth Mann to our team. Harry and Paul join our support team and Elizabeth will be taking up the position at our new Craigentinny office when it opens.

This month has also seen the launch of the William Purves Embalming Academy. For further details, visit our website

August 2011

This month saw the addition of two new hearses to our fleet. The hearses are finished in Palladium Silver to match the rest of the fleet, and like our other vehicles, based on the new Mercedes Benz E class model.

July 2011

Our staff team has grown again this month with Carole Harris and Louise Miller joining the team. Carole will be working in our Morningside office while Louise will be travelling around offices providing holiday cover.

June 2011

We are pleased to announce that the Office in Craigmillar is now open. The address is 92 Niddrie Mains Road, Edinburgh, EH16 4DT.  Please feel free to call us on 0131 661 5000.

May 2011

William Purves are excited to shortly be opening a new office in Craigmillar.  

We are very pleased that both Andrew Purves and Colin Brown became fathers during the month of May and both respective babies are doing well.

March 2011

William Purves have become the first funeral directors in Scotland to offer the Greener Goodbyes package. Greener Goodbyes makes it easier for  you have a ‘greener funeral’ by allowing you to make some simple choices from set options. The package includes an eco-coffin, a natural memorial and a community legacy. This package is available either for our pre-paid funeral plans or when required.

More information on this package can be found at or contact us and we will be happy to explain.

February 2011

February has seen more changes to the team as we say goodbye to Lorraine Byott who has worked with us for over 7 years, latterly in the bookkeeping department. We do however welcome Hanna Przylucka as our new Bookkeeper’s Assistant.

January 2011

We are very pleased to welcome Mairi Mitchell who joins us as HR Manager. We look forward to Mairi bringing her expertise and experience to this role.

October 2010

We are delighted to unveil our new corporate identity and website, marking the start of the next chapter for the William Purves Group.

September 2010

We welcome Hazel Holt, a new addition to the team at Oakvale, who will be joining us very shortly.

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